Top 11 gifts for Photographers

Monsoon is here. This is the season of photographers and their exclusive pictures. How they see things is totally different from how we all see it. So here’s a range of gifts for photographers.

1. Film Tissue Box

This is specially designed for those who love taking photos. A photographer will never mind things around him in his way. Perfect Photographer gift

2. Camera lens MUG

This is an innovative way to enjoy your drink and a product best suited to be gifted to a photographer. You can click through a lens and you can drink through a lens, isn’t it interesting?

3. Camera-shaped Pen-drive

A storage device is the first and the most important thing a photographer needs and this cool camera shaped pen drive is a suitable Photographer gift for him.

4. Oh! Snap guy t-shirt

This cool bright T-shirt is best for a cool and a happy photography lover. Oh! Snap, the most common word a photographer can utter.

5. Mouse pad – Eat-sleep-shoot-repeat

Available in two colours, this product will go on inspiring a talented photographer. All they want to do is eat, sleep, shoot and repeat. While some editing is going on, this mouse pad reminds you again and again about your love for clicking.

6. Click chic Tote bag

Women nowadays are no less than men in photography section as well. So here’s a perfect bag for a perfect click chic to flaunt amongst people and proudly tell them that yes she loves clicking and she good at it too.

7. Camera Wallet (Unisex)

This waterproof, non-tearable and super thin unisex camera wallet is the best to keep your valuables and when it comes to a photographer this can be the most exciting thing for them to possess.

8. Card Holder

Flaunt your love for photography through this camera card holder. It is funky yet subtle and can make anyone go crazy for its design and look.

9. Photography Mug

If you are a camera lover and want to tell it people around you then mug is the most effective way of doing it.
Single? Nah,
Taken? Nah
In love with photography? Yes Yes Yes

10. Photographer’s definition Poster

A photographer is someone who is obsessed with pictures. This poster will help you understand who exactly a photographer is and what it is like to be a photographer.

11. Instant Happiness Poster

A Camera is photographer’s version of instant happiness.
For clicking positive things around you need to be happy and positive from within. This poster might help you with this.