12 Inspiring gifts for entrepreneurs

Here are the top 12 gifts for this year that are sure to make the entrepreneur, startup founder, or big dreamer in your life get down to serious business!

1. Book Safe

Keep your valuables secure with this ingenious book-lookalike safe. It keeps your valuables under lock and key. Even if there a thief looking out for your valuables, book shelf probably will be the last place he’ll search out for. This book safe can be gifted to an entrepreneur so that it helps them secure their valuables.

2. Motivational Poster

For a start up guy an inspiration is the most important thing. The poster- Don’t be the same, be better- can help the person learn from it and points out that there needs to be something different in you to stand out from others. The person can get inspired and work harder to be better from other competitors.

3. Laptop Cover

This stylish laptop cover prevents your laptop. This laptop skin is not just a picture portraying leaves, it also shows one different leave i.e. red coloured one. One needs to be different from others to stand out and needs be unique in their own way. This can be gifted to a start guy.

4. Alarm clock

Running Alarm Clock!! A great alternative to the average screaming wakeup call, the running alarm clock combines customizable snooze and playful mobility to get you out of bed on time. This clock can be a great solution for those who face waking up on time problems and especially when the person is an Entrepreneur who owns a company and needs to keep on his employees.

5. Mug

An entrepreneur goes through many stresses throughout a day. This mug and the quote written on it can be helpful for the person who reads it and can bring a smile on their face, helping them forget all their stress. This mug can inspire and direct the person towards happiness.

6. Laptop cover

Just like a lion never loses, an entrepreneur also never loses, either they win or they learn something. For an entrepreneur it’s important that they have confidence in themselves and nobody other than they themselves should define who they are. This laptop skin can be the biggest motivation for an entrepreneur.

7. His Bookmark

One would want to miss out the pages of their documents while reading or going through it and this bookmark can help you stick to a page and concentrate over it. For females there is ‘her bookmark’ also available on hobbygiri.

8. Card Case

Most of us will never have an aluminium briefcase full of cash, but that doesn’t mean we can’t carry around a tiny piece of a heist with the Mini Briefcase Business Card Case. It’ll hold a good stack of your business cards for your next big meeting, conference, or convention. This business card holder is an apt gift for a businessman.

9. Dollar memo pad

As a fun desk accessory, this cash memo pad is perfect for keeping track of “valuable” reminders. It’s a wonderful desk decoration for young and business man. The best thing about this notepad is that it inspires you to write on dollar and earn in dollar.

10. Memo desk clock

The ‘memo clock’ is a table clock made from a white ABS body with red hands. The clock has a re-writable surface, allowing users to erase and leave notes for themselves or others, giving you the liberty to ‘not be forgetful’. This clock helps you jot down everything and anything and prevents you from missing out on a meeting.

11. Inspirational Poster

“Nothing works better than just improving your product.” – Joel Spolsky. This quote can be the best inspirational quote for an entrepreneur because every time someone questions him, he can focus on improving himself and his products and take all those words positively.

12. Pen drive

An entrepreneur might want to keep some documents preserved from the eyes of others and this key shaped pen drive might help and can be included in key set and kept by that person with him always and can also distract others. There are many more other designs available in pen drives that can be gifted to a start up guy.