Interview with Indian Jam Project

If you are like me, whose life revolves around internet then I’m pretty sure you must have come across Indian Jam Project videos. And like everyone at Hobbygiri, you too must have been bowled over by the beautiful music they create.

Indian Jam Project is a collaborative Platform wherein different musicians work together to create Indian music based on a popular foreign music track. Their first music track was Indian tribute to Game of Thrones theme song which became an instant hit. In last two years, they have made 8 music videos and have garnered more than 5 million views on their youtube channel.

Indian Jam Project which was founded by Tushar Lall, is an attempt to knit classical Indian tones into the script of western music to showcase the beauty of Indian Music. Their fusion of Indo-western style produces a concoction which is deeply emotive as well as thought-provoking.

The more we listened to their music, the more mesmerized we became and then we got on a quest to know more about them, who they are, where they live, and all that. While doing so we ended up contacting them for a short interview with Hobbygiri. Tushar Lall the founding member was really helpful in taking time out from his busy schedule to give us an interview.

Read on the full interview to know more about your favorite music collaboration.


When and what inspired you to start The Indian Jam Project?

My music background is western but I am surrounded by people who are doing Indian Classical.
Also, I am a big Game of Thrones Fan! So , one day I thought of making an Indian Arrangement of the theme song. I called a bunch of my friends, recorded the whole thing, shot the video and that’s where it all started!

Tushar Lall
Tushar Lall
How did you coin the name “The Indian Jam Project”, did you thought of any other name before?

Actually this is a funny story! The second video had the title – BBC Sherlock Indian Jam , which meant a sort of Indian jam session for the BBC Sherlock theme. But then Michael Price (the composer of the original theme) tweeted “indian Jam ” as a band name, so I had to stick with it! Its not the best name , I agree.

Well, we like the name, its easy to remember and convey exactly what music you play – Indian.


Who are the musician members of the project and what instruments do they play?

Its a fusion platform where I get musicians according to what the arrangement requires. So a different set of musicians every time!


Are you subject to instrument loyalty or you guys play with whatever is available?

Again, as I mentioned, whatever my arrangement requires, accordingly the elements are chosen!

From Game of Thrones Video
From Game of Thrones Video
How did you meet? How long have you all known each other?

I met a lot of musicians in college and then through connections here and there! Its almost been a 2 years now 🙂


Apart from music, which is the other common thing that binds you all?

Apart from music, our daily experiences as musicians is something really that connects us all! We all talk and laugh about the things we have to go through as musicians a lot !


According to you, what is the interesting part in fusion music?

Seeing the essence of western as well as indian is the most amazing part of doing fusion music! Indian essence adds depth to it while western adds more color to it! So the result is always very beautiful!

From Pirates of Carribean Video
Are there legal/copyright issues in making fusion of popular music that you guys pick?

Well, sometimes there are! But nothing major has popped up yet and people are kind enough to realize that I’m doing tributes and interpretations of their music!


How do you tackle any legal issues, if any?

Haven’t had any as of yet, but some of my friends are lawyers 🙂


Which is your favorite fusion any special memories attached to that song?

The latest one – Inception is definitely something which I’ve been listening to! Its got a lot of feel to it so its a good listen!

Tushar Lall
Where all have you performed? Do you have any upcoming shows?

IJP has performed all over the country! There might be some upcoming international gigs, it’ll all be up from the page!


What are your criteria for selecting songs for making fusion?

Whatever appeals to the mass, is catchy and can be easily fused with a raga! In some cases, just playing it straight up with Indian instruments as well!


How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

Not really 🙂 And i think thats the Best part! The essence is quite intact!


What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge?

I wouldnt use the word band, since you’ll see different musicians in every video! Its more of a fusion platform! The biggest challenge as of yet for me has been writing arrangements and fusing them with the original themes!


What advice do you have for the new digital generation youth, who are making their own music?

Never ever stop!

Wow that the most important and the simplest adivce one can get.
Several artists have collaborated with Indian Jam Project. Without their contribution it could’nt have been possible. Their names are:
Samay Lalwani – Tabla, Percussions
Prathamesh Salunke – Flute
Sri Sandeep Mishra – Sarangi
Abrar Ahmed – Santoor
Prasad Rahane – Sitar
Roger – Violin
David – Violin
Tuhin Mukherjee – Director
Amitesh Mukherjee – Video Editor
Hiresh Suvarna – Photographer

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Checkout their latest music video – Tribute to Inception Sound track

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