Interview with Cheap Thrills Sensation – Tanya Chamoli

This week, we have interviewed the latest dance sensation from Indian Subcontinent – Tanya Chamoli. Tanya started dancing at a very early age and such was her passion for dance that her parents got convinced early that Tanya was born to Dance.Her dedication, hard work won her many competitions and increased her popularity in various dance circuits among India.

Her popularity reached new heights when her dance video on Cheap Thrills  went so viral that it was even shared by Ashton kutcher and Sean Paul himself. Our student Intern – Aarushi Chawla got in touch with this Dancing diva for a candid interview with Hobbygiri.

We are truly inspired by her dance journey and hope everyone who reads her story gets inspired to follow their passion without any fear and inhibitions.

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When was the first time you realised that dance is what you see yourself succeeding in?

I wanted to dance since when I was a kid. But I did not know I would be dancing as it being my career. With my passing college years, I realised that I was made for dancing. It was probably in the gap of my 2nd and 3rd year while doing a musical, I decided that I need to pursue dance as a career!


Dance is still an unconventional career option, how did you convince your parents for this option?

Every possible career option is unconventional by the way. It is just a common mindset that artistic fields are unconventional. I believe one should do something that he or she is best at. Talking about my parents, I guess I did not give them a choice! They saw me putting in so much effort and hard work in dancing, and winning many accolades and fame throughout. I was a bright child in studies too, so they always complained that if I put this much effort in studies, i would probably be a topper. And with my continuous hunger and dedication towards dancing, my parents were pretty convinced that i was born to dance!

Talking about my parents, I guess I did not give them a choice!

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What has been the single biggest source of inspiration while converting your passion into profession?

Single Biggest Source of inspiration for me I think has been my craze towards dancing. It is completely a different feeling altogether to dance. When i am happy, I dance, and when I am not, I dance to get happy! Moreover, even when I am ill, have headache, stomach ache, leg injury, all I need to do is dance! While dancing, I feel I am in some parallel universe full of happiness! There is no end to it. So I believe the sheer joy and happiness I feel while dancing has kept me passionate and motivated for converting my passion into profession.

When i am happy, I dance, and when I am not, I dance to get happy!


You have quite a good number of videos of your dancing on social networking but what did it feel like when your video of Cheap Thrills went viral?

I cannot explain what I felt in words! It was totally an amazing feeling! I have never felt this good about anything in my life! I never believed I will reach such a big number. Touching four million is every YouTuber’s dream, and somehow my dream just came true! Every other news and magazine pages sharing my post every other day, made my life so much exciting.

My happiness knew no boundaries when Ashton Kutcher, Karmin, and Sean Paul himself shared my video!

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What is that you would want people to know about dancing and what it takes to be a good dancer?

If you want to succeed in any field that you are in, hard work and dedication is what it takes to be there. Talking about dance in particular, I believe following your heart and your emotions along with a good musicality is all that is required.

Apart from dance, what is that one thing that excites you or interests you a lot?

I love adventure, and travelling. I am a tough girl and I love sports and thrill. I also like to listen to music a lot and sing, and play drums sometimes! And eating excites me a lot! hehehe!

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One memorable show you could never forget about?

This was Bfab Dancexplosion 2015. It was an inter college festival organised by Urshilla Dance Company, under Bhavini Mishra. I had participated in all the three categories for the day, solo, duet and group. And co-incidentally, I won 2nd in all three of the categories! I got the tags of Most creative solo, Heart stroking performance duo, and the most sizzling divas in group category. Now, they also had an award, ‘Most Ah-wow female Dancer amongst the groups’, and I won that too! I guess that was the best moment for me! Along with this, I got so much appreciation from great professional dancers, and also received a scholarship from Brooklyn Academy of Dance and Arts for 6 months!! This day was actually a kick start for me to dance professionally ahead in life!


What has been your biggest challenge or hurdle since you started dancing professionally and how did you overcome it?

I guess the biggest challenge for me has been my lower back injury, which sometimes gives me issues even today. But being a strong and positive minded person, I am able to overcome it easily.


Which is the best compliment you have received for your skill?

People compliment me a lot for my hard work and passion. But the best compliments are the ones from the people, who say how much I inspire them, and I am the only reason they are dancing, and they want to be like me!!
Someone once told me, ‘You take risks, and that’s your best part!
People never experiment or explore, their passion is left somewhere along the way. You don’t. You had the courage to go after your dream.’

Some Quick Questions:

Who is your favourite dancer?
Jojo Gomez and Kaelynn Harris

Your favourite dance form?

You’d prefer Bollywood or Hollywood?

Which brand do you prefer for clothing?
Reebok and Forever 21

Dream Destination?

Your favourite quote?
Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself!

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Tanya’s Achievements

  • Awarded scholarship by international dancer yanis marshal in 2015
  • Received Best Female Dancer of Delhi University in 2015
  • Awarded most creative and versatile dancer, and Most Ah! Wow Dancer Female in event: B-Fab
  • Won 1st position at Solo Impromptu – Vfest in State level (Delhi) 2015
  • Won 1st in IIT Roorkie and 3rd in IIT Delhi in Solo Dance fest season 2014
  • Received Best Solo Dancer of Mata Sundri College for 3 consecutive years
  • Won 1st position in Delhi, and 3rd position at National level in a competition named K-Pop, organized by Korean Cultural Centre internationally and was also given a special mention by the Kpop Artists(Judges)

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Tanya-Chamoli-Hobbygiri-dance-Interview (12)Hobbygiri thanks Tanya for this incredible interview and inspiring us all.