An interview with Surreal Artist Malvika Jay

At Hobbygiri, we are always looking for inspirational stories about people who follow their dreams and have achieved great success. Meet Malvika Jay, one of the top women illustrators in India. Drawing has always been her passion. Ever since she is been able to hold a pencil, it’s been something she loved doing.She has been an inspiration to many. Malvika runs her own company 13 Dimension Art which undertakes various events and creates amazing decors. Her paintings were on exhibitions at Goa, UB City Bangalore, Rock shows, fund raising events and various other parts of India. She has been also teaching art in Chennai and conducting various workshops. She strongly believes that if your goal is to get better at something, then you need to practice. We had a quick chat with her and her journey so far.

How did it all start and can you talk about your initial steps you took to master the skill?

At the age of 4 I discovered myself with the art. Expressed my emotions on paper and chose pencils over toys.  That’s where it all started for me.Since then my journey has been unstoppable.
I’ve always followed what I’ve believed in to master the art of drawing.

How would you describe your art work?
13 Dimensions (Awakening)
it’s a fantastic subject matter. Metaphysical and dimensional. I focus on bright and /or highly contrasting colors. The visions often expressed on paper are off extreme depth of detail or stylization of surrealistic subject matter.

Was there any moment when you felt like quitting? If so how did you handle that? Who or what kept you motivated?

I’ve been lucky. I kept focusing on the smallest of details which gives me ultimate satisfaction and inspiration. My practice and determination kept my art journey constant.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

By my loving family and my mentor Santhossh Lakshman. Never give up on what you love. My love for eternity is Art!

Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

When I hit adolescence, it was!
But I keep moving forward. It’s never the same. Change is challenging and inspiring. That’s the key.
Never stop!!



Which is more important to you, the subject of your painting, or the way it is executed?

I honestly think it’s a bit of both. Painting emotions and bringing them to light is a miracle. I believe in the progress. Keeps my art alive.

What role does the artist have in society?

It’s all the exchange of knowledge. In any form it could be. Remember, learn and unlearn!
Creating awareness with self will make a huge difference to evolution of our society.

What is your favorite color?  Why? Does this color describe you as a person?

Shades of Blue are very close to heart. Abundance and oceanic. That would be my element.

What other hobbies/interests do you have?

I’m deeply influenced with the force of nature. I keep capturing special moments through photography, food, travel & music




Which superpower would you like to have and why?

Maybe to be an advanced mind traveller! That the ultimate dimension.

A message you would want to convey to budding artists?

Trust your process & never stop practicing.

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Malvika Jay working on her huge art work
Malvika Jay working on her huge art work


Malvika Jay
Malvika Jay


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