Useful tips before you travel

Here are top useful tips for people who often travel. These tips will make your trip more comfortable and stress free.

1:-The most important thing even before you start your packing is researching your destination. You should be aware about the climate and culture and it will make it easier for you to select clothing and other items accordingly. This will help you to make your packing decisions

2:-Packing for your trip can be a hercules task if you aren’t prepared. Prepare a check list first based on your research and use it while packing so that you don’t miss out on anything important. Make sure your list include important documents and prescriptions also.

3:- Depending upon the climate and culture you can take proper decision in selecting clothes. Try taking your most wrinkle free clothes as it can fit well in your bag and will help you to avoid ironing.

4:-Rolling your clothes is a better option than folding it. It saves space and time.

luggage stuffing
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5:-Footwears are another item which needs to be selected carefully if you want to travel light. Choose to wear the space consuming footwear instead of carrying it.

6:-Carry Ear plugs, eye patches or hoodies if you are planning to sleep during your journey. It’s useful to avoid light and noise and gets you a sound sleep.

7:- Be a smart traveler and make sure that you scan your important documents (Passport, visa docs.) and email it to yourself. It’s a great savior in case you lose your bag or documents.

8:- People travelling to a different country make sure that you know where the embassy is. Search it online, write it down and keep it.

9:- Learn few local phrases and useful words in advance. These will be of great help when you travel to another country.

10:- Last and the most important thing is to not miss the flight. Make sure you reach the airport before time. In case you need to sleep before you leave, make sure that you keep three to four alarms to wake you up on time.