The writer, the reader, the book – Trilogy, Mumbai

[ig_row][ig_column span=”span12″][ig_text]The writer, the reader, the book – Trilogy, Mumbai. True to its title, this word-paradise brings forth the bests of the writer within, satisfies the devouring reader and bridges one to the world of ideas that are books. The library is a much welcomed first – the collection is curated around its members and their literary love interests.

An initial interview with the founders and a few recommendations later, one finds a thoughtful range of reading for children, adults and the rest of us. Nestled close to the center of the city, Trilogy has a charter of events that fosters a sense of community. Critics, connoisseurs and curators of the written word come together each month against the backdrop of a vibrant wildlife exhibit of photographs on one side and an adjacent sheet of foliage that peeks in at the readers through the glass windows. It is a library one enjoys sharing with friends, guests and colleagues. Its lovely! [/ig_text][/ig_column][/ig_row]

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First floor, Building No. 28,
Above Mercedes Service Centre,
Raghuvanshi Mills Compound,
Lower Parel (west),
Mumbai 400013

Open on all days from 10 am to 8 pm

Landline: 8080 590 590

Trilogy - The library
Trilogy – The library

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