Why Reading should be everyone’s habit.

In this competitive world where all it has turned into is a rat-race and people are ready to slash each other’s throat at and for petty little things, it is very necessary to have an intellectual mindset and a variety of talents/skills to stand out in the crowd.

Reading is one good habit that has a myriad of benefits, which lets you develop internally, while also giving you so many things inadvertently which can let you have that extra edge you require to survive in this world. A few benefits which you get once you develop a healthy reading habit are:

  1. Increases your intellectuality

No doubt, reading good books can, over time, develop you into an intellectually strong person, into a strong character.


  1. Increments imaginative power

When you read a piece of someone else’s imagination, you learn some yourself. You keep picking up whatever you see, and when you see a good example of somebody’s brain-cells working, yours too are activated slowly.


  1. Fortifies vocabulary and word usage

This is one very basic and observable benefit of healthy reading habits. When you come across different words, which you’d go through only when you’re reading a lot, your inquisition leads you to learn them.


  1. Better writing power

When you have all the above qualities, you employ them all when you build a sensible collection of words. This greatly improves the quality of your writing abilities.


  1. Better knowledge of happenings around the world

Though this greatly depends on person to person, people who have good reading habits are well informed about their surroundings, have better understanding on various things, and have relatively better observation skills.


Summarizing everything, reading is one hobby which helps passing time effectively, while also making you productive at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a book and start reading! It’s never too late.

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