Origin of Popular Indian Foods

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We Indians are proud of our unique recipes and like to flaunt the same wherever we go. No matter where we are, we will always find some desi tadka to give every food an Indian twist. Whether we are holidaying with family, on official trip or International tour we always find Indian restaurant to satisfy our taste buds. Indians love their food very much and as a culture even pray before eating as they consider it as a “God” just like they worship sun and water. But do you know there are many popular and famous foods which we proudly term as “Indian food” and taste very Indian are not actually Indian and have foreign influence. As your read further you will be surprised to know the origin of food which we have been eating and drinking them all our life.


  1. Samosa:- One of the most favorite tea time snacks the triangular potato filled savoury dish that is easily found on every street-corner actually originated from Middle East Termed as “sambosa “ it came to India between 13th and 14th century by traders from Middle East. We Indians added our own spices and techniques and as a result we got samosa. No matter from where it has arrived we are just happy we get to hog these yummy yummy snacks!
‘Sambosa’ came to India between 13-14th Century by traders from Middle East


  1. Gulab Jamun:- Just by listening the name of this calorie filled dough balls your mouth must have already started watering. The dish itself is so versatile that you can have it hot, cold or at room temperature. This favorite Indian dessert originated from in the Mediterranean and Persia where it is called as “luqmat al gadi” but it was modified once it reached India.
Gulab Jamun originated from in the Mediterranean and Persia where it is called as “luqmat al gadi”


  1. Tea (Chai):- The undisputed comfort drink of almost very Indian is “Chai”. But do you know the Chai that we have been drinking since so many years actually originated from China. The British introduced tea culture into India in 1836.

Tea originated from China

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  1. Jalebi:- Jalebi is famous all over the country in different forms. While North India loves thin and crispy, the South Indian Jalebi is thicker and varies in shape. It is considered to be our “Desi Mithai but has originated from Persia and Arabic Region. It is called as Zalabiya in Arabic and Zalibiya in Persian but has no Indian connection.


Jalebi originated from Persia and Arabic Region


  1. Dal-Bhaat:- This typical food is eaten in various forms in every Indian household. Popularly known as “Dal-Chawal” is actually originated from Nepal through North Indian influences and spread throughout Pan India. Now, every time you eat “Dal-Bhaat” you will think that you are eating a Nepali cuisine and not Indian.

Dal Bhaat origin’s can be traced to our sweet neighbor Nepal
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