Importance of a Hobby

Surviving in this cut-throat competition has turned tough, because of the large pool of talent that is readily available, and where you can be kicked out from your job even if you’re even slightly deviating from the set parameters. All these could lead to stress, depression, and anxiety. And the best way to rejuvenate yourself during these tough times is to do something you love, following your HOBBY.

Here are the upper hands of having a creative hobby, and why you should pursue at least one:


Stress Buster

Going through too much? Unable to deal with all the mental pressure? Everything is too hard to handle? Here is when a productive hobby comes to your rescue. When things turn sour, play your favourite song on the guitar, or read a book, or listen to your favourite music, or dance to your favourite tunes, and you’ll instantly feel a soothing in your senses.



There is this sense of satisfaction when you complete your unfinished painting, or read a novel, which fills you with joy, even though momentarily, but it does fill you with a sense of achievement.


Gaining Knowledge

When you are deep into a hobby, you start learning about it. And slowly you will gain knowledge and expertise in it. Who knows, you may become an expert on the subject/activity.


Helping others

There may be activities where you may be asked to share your knowledge and troubleshoot their problems, based on your current knowledge. Recent times have facilitated the formation of groups or communities where hobbyists with common interests can join, stay connected, and interact, which may greatly help those who have recently started that particular activity. Example, if dancing is a hobby, and you’re good at it, you can start a dance school for children, where you can teach them a few moves of your own!



When you see a new face and start talking, and suddenly you get to know that you share the same interests, you instantly develop a liking for that person.You showcase the world a new literary piece you have written, some people like and appreciate it, and that acts as a conversation starter. Following your hobby gives you an opportunity to meet new, likeminded people, and helps you socialize more.


Impress people

Yes, you can show off everything you have gathered on something, be it exotic materials you may have collected over time, or information or knowledge you may have gained during your learning phase, and stump them with your intellect. Isn’t that one good reason to have a favourite pastime?



There are times when the mind stops functioning, and you come to a roadblock. During these times, no activity can be better than a productive hobby.



It is greatly rewarding to see yourself have such extraordinary knowledge about something or see a great collection of things of a certain type. A feeling of satisfaction comes from within, which would greatly increase your happiness, and isn’t that what everyone wants? A happy life! Appreciation and income are just other things you may get.



It may be possible that you may have made a wrong career choice, and you may not be happy, even frustrated with the type of job you are in. Even working towards fulfilling your hobbies may fetch you money. There are freelancing jobs for which you get paid for completing assignments. And even if you don’t want to change your career field, you can always pursue it for extra income.