Few Rights vs Wrongs about alcohol drinking


Can we drink beer after whisky or whisky after beer? There are many such overheard statements we make when we are on the table high on drinks. We bring together some interesting and strange statements we frequently say but the reality is completely different than what we believe.


Wrong- Good to have cold shower or hot coffee after hangover.
Right-Neither will work.
Reason- Cold shower will only awaken your senses and does nothing just like fresh air. Whereas hot coffee is the worst cure as the caffeine present in it will only aggravate the hangover.

Wrong-Drinking kills brain cells, so this is my last drink.
Right- One more drink will not kill more brain cells.
Reason-Alcohol consumption for several years can cause neurological damage involving impairment of learning and physical co-ordination. There is no direct evidence to suggest alcohol kills brain cells. Several health studies say that moderate drinking helps the brain function better, improves cognitive skills and memory.

Wrong- Beer is less intoxic. Bring some more
Right-More Beer is equal to more alcohol.
Reason-Alcohol is present in different volumes across drinks. Beer has relatively less volume as compared to wine or vodka, so we tend to drink beer in much larger quantities and end up consuming more alcohol.

Wrong- That Lady had just 2 beers and she is almost down.
Right-Women get drunk faster than men.
Reason- Women systems have less body water to dilute the intoxics effects of alcohol. Women metabolism burn up alcohol slower than men as the metabolizing enzymes present in women is lesser than men.

Wrong-Lets switch between beer, wine and vodka and get drunk as fast as possible.
Right- You may get drunk but you may become sick for sure.
Reason- The level of alcohol intoxics in your blood determines how much drunk you are. Mixing drinks may upset your stomach and make you sick.

Wrong- Eat more to get drunk.
Right – Big meal before drinking will only prolong being getting drunk.
Reason- Eating food before drinking will only delay the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream and not prevent it.

Wrong- You think you feel fine. I am really fine
Right- You are not!
Reason- You might be able to count the no of steps in your stair case or may be able to count your fingers properly but it does not mean you are alcohol proof.

Wrong- Drink water before you spill it will reduce the damage.
Right- It will aggravate it.
Reason- Drinking water will only dilute your blood stream.

Wrong- Frequent drinking had made me alcohol tolerant
Right- This is absolutely false
Reason-If you consume frequently it means your brain is now trained to some amount of alcohol but your liver is not.

Happy Drinking,