Dry Day in India and their effects



One of the biggest problems with dry day(s) is that it is mostly on a public holiday. So if you are not prepared for then it’s definitely a problem. People stock up alcohol for the dry day. There are emergency notices that float on whatsapp and Facebook, urging people to stock up their stuff. Mentioned below is the dry day calendar that will be great help for you.

Dry Days
Source- Bootlegger.in

We will be discussing few things that often happens on a dry day.

1:- Irritation and a feeling to pull off your hair when you realize that its a dry day at the last moment and you have no booze.

2:- You can observe a lot of people watching movies and going for other source of entertainment.

3:- People trying to lure and bribe the hotel workers to get some booze.

4:- People gathering at friends house without being invited, just because your friend has alcohol at his place.