Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice – India dates and news

The most awaited superhero movie “Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice” is all set to release on March25th in India. The Zack Snyder directed movie is expected to collect big at the box offices across the world. The surprise inclusion of the Wonder Women in the movie has brought more excitement among the fans. The probable characters apart from Batman and Superman in this DC Comics movie would be Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor,  Doomsday and other surprise inclusions. The movie has an interesting plot wherein the two powerful superheroes are against each other. Its beyond imagination what could happen when these two fight


and that’s why its the most anticipated movie of the year. You can watch one of the latest trailer above.

Meanwhile in India, the Censor Board has cut only one bold scene for the Indian audiences. Earlier movies like Deadpool and Spectre had to chop out many scenes from the movie to get it approved for Indian viewers. However the Board has been kind enough to not cut any fight scenes from this movie. The movie has received R rating. So hold on to your horses and wait till the 25th to watch this on the screen and also please book your tickets in advance !!


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