5 fun hobbies that make you smarter

We humans have some or the other thing we look forward to do after a long hectic work. These are the interesting, passionate and hobby based things which help you relax and have fun. But there are many hobbies which can actually make you smarter. Besides relaxation and entertainment, your past time hobbies will also be making you smarter at the same time. Below are the lists of some awesome hobbies which can activate your idle brain cells.


1. Playing any musical instrument

It enhances your cognitive skills and helps in development of certain brain functions. Very few hobbies are as satisfying as music, in case of children it helps to enhanced verbal fluency and processing speed. Start young to get the most out of it.


2. Playing video games – Gaming

Some video games train our brain and develop working memory. It improves planning, innovative and lateral thinking significantly improving brain cells.


3. Reading

Apart from improving reading skills and vocabulary, it enhances receptivity. Reading triggers the neural connections of the brain and will keep your mind energized


4. Learning a New Language

Speaking multiple languages improves the brains executive function and performs better in mental task. Knowledge about multi languages can be useful during traveling to different places. People knowing more than one language are better at solving puzzles and planning task.


5. Exercising – Fitness

Regular exercising releases a neuro-protein linked to cognitive benefits such as long term memory. It also enhances object recognition memory