“Never Give Up” says Amir Hussain: A cricket captain with no arms

Cricket is treated as religion in India and millions follow and play this game around the world. However for Amir Hussain things were different as he had lost both his arms in an accident when he was just eight years old in his father’s bat manufacturing mill. Now at the age of 26 Amir is the captain for J&K para cricket team. Unbelievable but True!!

Without doubt Amir faced lot of problems in his life.  He belonged to poor family and his father had to sell his mill in order to take care of Amir’s medical expenses. Amir says that people around didn’t treat him well. Even his school teachers asked him to stay at home stating that education is not for people like him. However Amir didn’t want the world to decide his fate and instead decided to live life positively. He didn’t want to be dependent and started learning to take care of his daily needs on his own using his legs.

Amir always had great passion for cricket and wanted to play this game despite not having arms. He started trying and developing different technique in order to play. He didn’t just wanted to bat but he wanted to be an all round cricketer.He would hold the bat between his neck and shoulder and uses his toe to grip the ball for bowling. Amir says that bowling was the most challenging part for him. However he had already decided that he won’t give up. Slowly and gradually with sheer determination, practice and hardwork Amir mastered the skill. He could now bat, bowl and even take catches using his feet.

Currently Amir is the captain for Jammu-Kashmir para cricket team. Amir says that Sachin Tendulkar is his inspiration and wishes to play for the national team one day.This inspiring story of Amir is a great example of never giving up on your dreams.

The world salutes your passion Amir !!