10 most shocking moments of game of thrones

There is no predicting game of thrones EVER, we as the fandom of Game of thrones have learnt this the hard way. One episode your favorite character is giving a heroic pep talk and the next episode out of nowhere he is dead .It’s almost as if the writers has “Valar Morghulis” as their motto.
Looking back, each episode had a jaw dropping twist of its own but what were the 10 most shocking moments that were not for the faintest of the heart?

1# Red wedding

The red wedding
The red wedding

The wedding was almost too good to believe- Walder Frey forgets the bygones or at least pretends to, the young wolf Robb Stark and his wife Talisa share some light moments, Catelyn looks happy and relaxed for the first time in a long time ,Arya Stark is few steps away from the much awaited reunion with her family, everything was going on in a much fairy-tale fashion and then bammm! In a blink of eye the moments of respite turned into massacre in which Talisa , Robb, Catelyn , Robb’s Banner men and men-in-arms all were slaughtered. We have witnessed six seasons and lots of betrayal and it still continues to maintain its title of bitterest betrayal till now which going by GOT’s history is saying a lot. Walder Frey’s revenge was not only one of the most WTF moment but also the most heart wrenching one leaving the audience’s eyes wide and wet.

2# Execution of Ned Stark

Execution of Ned Stark
Execution of Ned Stark

This was the first time we realized that GOT isn’t our normal TV serial where the main character faces hardships yet still manages to survive somehow but instead a series where the writer is eagerly counting seconds to write off your favorite character.
Ned swallowing his honor and pride had apologized to Geffory in front of the whole kingdom as advised by Varys for the safety of his daughters. Sansa was hoping her father would be pardoned like Geoffrey had promised. Geoffrey’s monologue was hinting at the same but suddenly Geoffrey changed his words and with single swipe Ilyn Payne chopped Ned’s head clean off and we were introduced to the ruthless world of deaths in GOT.

3# Death of Red viper

Skull crushing death Oberyn Martell
Skull crushing death Oberyn Martell

Oberyn made his place in our hearts really quick. He was witty, confident , laid back and a man with mission. When he announced to combat for our another favorite character Tyrion we all included him in our good books and then “Today is not the day I die” dialogue later he died JUST LIKE THAT. In fact not only did he die the most abrupt death but also the most graphic ‘Viewer discretion is advised’ death in the whole game of thrones series till now. With a few quick moves Oberyn had the mountain on the ground and was now persuading him to confess and we all thought “This is it.Oberyn wins,Tyrion lives!” but then happened the most graphic death in game of thrones series which we all can’t get out of our mind ever! The mountain indeed confessed but only while plunging Oberyn’s sockets and cracking his skull open, marking the end of Red viper and our innocence.

4# Hold the door!


Hodor, the sweet giant, was arguably the most adorable character of GOT. We unconventionally loved him and “awwed” when he smiled and said “Hodor!” Never did we think in our wildest dreams that the reason behind Hodor’s “Hodor!” will be this heart-breaking. Bran enters Hodor’s mind to escape the white walkers but links his mind to the young Hodor who goes into a trance like state whimpering on the ground screaming Yara’s word “ Hold the door!” and the present Hodor keeps to his words and dies holding the door.

5# Death of Jon Snow

Mutiny of the night's watch
Death of Jon Snow

When young Olly came out of nowhere and told Jon Snow that a wildling had seen Uncle Benjen Stark who was missing since season 1 we all were pleasantly surprised but what followed next was both heart breaking and gut-breaking for Jon,literally. Jon ran down in a moment of sheer happiness where bitter by Jon’s approach towards wildling, Alliser Thorne stabbed him , followed by rest of the men and then by small Olly himself.
Turns out even “we don’t know nothing,Jon Snow”

6# R+L = J

R+L= J
R+L= J

For people who are into fan’s theories this was a possibility but for others last scene of season 6 was totally unexpected. From the beginning we knew Jon Snow as Ned Stark’s bastard but in a flashback which Bran sees it turns out Jon isn’t only a Stark but also a Targaryen , son of Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. ‘Song of ice and fire’ much ? Things just got interesting. Wonder what Khaleesi has to say.



the golden crown
The golden crown

Although we never got around to like Viserys, khaleesi’s older brother but we had never imagined such horrific fate. Being Khaleesi’s brother and self-proclaimed last dragon we all expected somewhat memorable role out of him but as it turns out only thing memorable about him was his death. Agitated by the unfulfilled promise of khal Drogo Viserys threatens to take khaleesi back and cut out khal Drogo’s unborn child if he isn’t given his ‘crown’ which khal Drogo takes quite literally and pours molten gold on his head killing him instantly but with a “golden crown”.
Turns out he wasn’t really the last dragon but on a bright side he at least got a golden crown.



Jaime's mutilation
Jaime’s mutilation

We all have had our love-hate moments with Jaime Lannister but one thing no one can deny is Jaime’s ability to talk or fight his way out of impossible situations. Jaime had just smooth-talked his way to save Brienne from getting raped by riders of house Bolton led by Locke and was now convincing Locke to release him which seemed to have worked as he orders his men to untie him but Locke turns out to be a renowned member of same sadist club which Ramsay Bolton owned as he does untie him but only to have his men hold him over and chop his right arm right off.



Renly's death
Renly’s death

When Melisandre told Stannis Baratheon that she can give him a ‘son’ we being the normal people that we are thought she does mean a son, a human being with flesh and everything but our “normal” was tore apart limb from limb when Melisandre delivered “son” turned out to be a very scary smoke thingy which kills Renly Baratheon by stabbing him in the chest.
Poor Renly never even saw it coming after all it isn’t every day when your brother gets you assassinated by his new born “son”.



Tyrrion's revenge
Tyrrion’s revenge

Tyrion Lannister, a character which everyone loves to watch. From his clever nature to witty dialogues we know when Tyrion is there something interesting is sure to happen. Tyrion belongs to the rare “Not dead” club of GOT and though we really hope it stays that way forever Tyrion have had his share of “almost dead” moments.
When Tyrion’s brother Jaime came to his rescue and released him from the prison Tyrion takes a little detour and finds his lover,Shae, in his father’s bed, when Shae went for the knife Tyrion ,heartbroken, choked her and then killed Tywin Lannister which neither Tywin nor did we expect.
While we all knew Tyrion was brave and hurt we never really took him as “father and lover killing” kind.

While it might be difficult for us to predict Game of thrones its unpredictability is what that has made us fall in absolute love with it. Want to tell the world about your love? Checkout our cool Game of thrones merchandise and let the world know that “winter is coming!”