10 Facts about India’s first Fire Paan

Paan has been India’s identity from the Vedic times. A  Paan can be bought in nearly every street corner in India. Paan consists of a betel leaf wrapped in a triangular shape with a mixture of spices, mukhwas, dried fruits, and sugar. It is chewed for its stimulant and psychoactive effects. According to Ayurvedic science, betel leaf or paan is very useful in curing of ailments like cough, cold, headaches. It is also said that paan intake freshens the breath and increases passion. I hope you know what I mean here.

Hundreds of Paan Flavors are available and recent addition to the flavor list is “Fire Paan”. Yes you read it right. It is literally fire paan. We bring you 10 Facts about Fire paan.

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  1. Paan Seller’s are known as Mr. Prem and Chunni Lal.


  1. They have their Paan Shop – Galaxy Paan in Rajkot City of Gujarat State.


  1. They have been Selling Paans for last 30+ years. Since 1972.


  1. Fire Paan is inspired by Fire Shots of alcohol.


  1. It took 45 Day of experimentation to come up with Perfect recipe of Fire Paan.


  1. First a normal is made with regular ingredients.


  1. Then special cloves are inserted on top and lit on Fire.


  1. Once the fire is out, the cloves give a cooling sensation.


  1. It has medical benefits too and helps in fighting cold and flu.


  1. Paan has great demand during winters.

The foodie in me is screaming at me to try this fire paan now. We hope this article has tempted you to try fire paan as well. And if you are a hardcore foodie like me you will enjoy these amazing foodie / eating gifts for yourself or your foodie friend.



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