10 Exciting Hobbies for Men

Hobbies can help guys relax, expand their thinking and learn new skills. They contribute so largely to a man’s strength of character that it is safe to suggest that, while every guy may not need a hobby, he can certainly use one and will benefit from it in more ways than one

Beer brewing

Beer brewing is quintessentially a male hobby. After all Beer is the only drink that every male drinker from any part of the world can relate too. Beer brewing is easy, inexpensive and super fun. “You can create something that’s totally unique to you  which You can offer to your guests and use them as gifts for friends. While you may drink better beers in your life, you’ll never have a more satisfying cold one than the beer you brewed yourself.



Show the ladies your artistic side and give your buddies a serious reason to swear at you with your insanely awesome photos. You don’t need an expensive camera, these days any smartphone camera with good editing apps like instagram, snapseed, etc you can woo your crush. Btw there is saying “The only person to whom Girls listen carefully and sincerely is a Photographer !!” And that’s quite true after all I have been there, done that.


Whisky tasting

Just imagining of being a whisky taster excites me to check the nearest bar menu and order 3 varieties right now. I don’t want to promote alcoholism but just think of it – Your buddies come up to you to take advice on which Whisky they should be drinking? Then think how impressed the lady at the bar counter would be? There is so much diversity in whisky that I believe one life time will not be enough.


Kick Boxing

Burn thousands of calories with a workout that’ll leave you gasping for air (and begging for mercy). Kickboxing involves punch with jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts, and perform front kicks and roundhouse kicks. With some practice you can easily scare away local goons and become a hero of your neighbourhood.



You climbed everything when you were a kid. Go back to your roots by picking up rock climbing. Unlike other climbing sports, bouldering can be performed safely and effectively with very little equipment, an aspect which makes the discipline highly appealing to many climbers

Target Shooting-This is an extremely fun and deep hobby which you can easily and somewhat cheaply learn. Well you don’t even have to learn coz hunting is in our DNA. All you have to do is pick up your weapon and start aiming. When Shooting is done with friends its extremely refreshing, competitive and fun filled.



Camping is very exciting and adventurous because with camping you can do as many things as you can think of : bonding with nature, taking a dip in a pond, hunting for food, beautiful scenery, nature sounds, etc. With some good friends, your every camping trip can become a lifetime memory. Camping attracts many men because traditionally men have always been explorers and with camping it gives us a chance to get back to our roots.


Learn a language

Learning a language keeps your brain fit, makes your mind sharp, your achieve new levels of attention and your retention power also expands. Btw with new language you also get to learn new swear words to use at your buddies. Evil Grin.



You know how guys can get about anything — music, audio equipment, sports, cars, video games, etc.? Well, a passion for collecting just seems to magnify the obsessive nature within us. This is one hobby that has been with men throughout the evolution process. Prehistoric men used to collect bones from their various hunts, today we are involved in collecting of gadgets, watches, knives, tools, etc.


Learn to do magic

Magic is a wonderful hobby that makes for great icebreaking tactics in new social situations, and also teaches you to see what others might miss or hope that you will miss. Magic can create a sense of mystery and excitement for women which makes Magicians highly desirable by the ladies (There is no proof to validate this story but it still sounds quite exciting to learn magic).


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