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There is no predicting game of thrones EVER, we as the fandom of Game of thrones have learnt this the hard way. One episode your favorite character is giving a heroic pep talk and the next episode out of nowhere he is dead .It’s almost as if the writers has “Valar Morghulis” as their motto.
Looking back, each episode had a jaw dropping twist of its own but what were the 10 most shocking moments that were not for the faintest of the heart?
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Lilly Singh is a 27-year-old Indo-Canadian internet celebrity, if you go to YouTube often you probably already know her. She is the “Superwoman” of YouTube, making everyone laugh with her hilarious videos. Lilly Singh like her YouTube persona is all about smiles, hope and one love. It is hard to think that such an optimistic personality was once plunged deep into depression during which she had lost her will to live. She even had traumatic thoughts of ending her life. With each passing day she was getting pulled deeper into depression but one day suddenly a switch flicked inside her and she decided to fight back. Continue Reading