Fitness lovers have Ambitions Fitness goals. They spend long hours working out at gym, being disciplined about their diet and social activities. It takes a mammoth effort to stay motivated. To help gym freaks to stay motivated in their fitness journey we have a collection of product / accessories and gifts for fitness lovers. Continue Reading…


This week, we have interviewed the latest dance sensation from Indian Subcontinent – Tanya Chamoli. Tanya started dancing at a very early age and such was her passion for dance that her parents got convinced early that Tanya was born to Dance.Her dedication, hard work won her many competitions and increased her popularity in various dance circuits among India.

Her popularity reached new heights when her dance video on Cheap Thrills  went so viral that it was even shared by Ashton kutcher and Sean Paul himself. Our student Intern – Aarushi Chawla got in touch with this Dancing diva for a candid interview with Hobbygiri.

We are truly inspired by her dance journey and hope everyone who reads her story gets inspired to follow their passion without any fear and inhibitions.

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