Harry Potter Hogwarts Alumni Mug

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Wanna be an alumnus of Hogwatrs School Of witchcraft And Wizardry like Harry Potter,Ron Weasley,Hermione Granger ?? Harry Potter yes , our favorite wizard, harry potter the book we grew up with, the book that taught us that those who believe in magic will find it and the things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end not necessarily in the way we expect but they do.

HARRY POTTER written by J.k Rowling a series of 7 books, later converted into 8 movies chronicles the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermoine and their quest of defeating the dark lord, VOLDEMORT who owns a keen interest in subjugating the non-magical folks and overtaking the whole wizarding world and destroying everything and everyone who stand in his way of becoming immortal especially Harry.

Now anyone who says they haven’t secretly wished at some point that HOGWARTS was real is lying and if you’ve been reading the book since childhood we can imagine the disappointment you felt on your 11th birthday when you did not receive your Hogwarts letter. The levitation, the spells, and the quidditch so…. Magical, and we all know that nothing can and will ever be quite as good as magic.

If you’ve divided yourself in the 4 famous houses- GRYFFINDOR, RAVENCLAW, HUFFLEPUFF, and SLYTHERIN ; and despised everyone who gets slytherin, secretly wanted wands, brooms and owls or you’ve always wanted to know what your patronus would be or you hate Umbridge even more than Voldemort and the pranks of Fred and George still make you laugh until your stomach hurts or the death of Sirius, Lupin or Fred makes you cry until there are no more tears left in your eyes, we’ve found a true POTTERHEAD

So here’s our very special gift to you, some amazing Harry Potter Mug you’ll instantly fall in love with, your crush is a POTTERHEAD? Gift them any of these and you’re sure to become their favourite muggle.

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