Programming Coffee Stats

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I convert caffeine into code. what’s your super power? Wear this caffeine powered t shirt and enjoy the new you with enhanced stats.

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Disclaimer : Following story is based on real life incidents

So it had been almost 2 hours and i had absolutely no clue what and where it was going wrong. Basically i wanted to show a pop-up on a successfully applied cheat code, but instead i was getting a blank white colored pop-up. That’s it, no text inside. i tried everything, debugged the shit out of the code, but i just couldn’t figure out where was my text going!
So finally,fully exhausted i went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee while i think about the issue. Few sips down, i came back to my screen, opened my website and BAM! there it was, there was the problem right in front of me.

all my text was white colored

So there I was, trying to display white colored text on a white colored pop-up, i don’t know what made me realize this, but right at that moment i decided that i need to make a tee to show off all the benefits of coffee. So here is the future me fulfilling my promise.

Let us know what you convert caffeine into.

This programming t shirt is screen printed on a 100% cotton royal blue colored psycho store t shirt.

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