Buying & Selling on Hobbygiri

Who can sell on Hobbygiri?

Anyone can sell – all you need is a product! You could be a shopkeeper, home – maker, student, or someone who’s thinking of selling.

What sort of products can be sold on Hobbygiri?

Sell anything that is legal, legitimate and non-harmful!

What kind of documents do you need?

We don’t require any documents to list and sell on the market place.

How do I sell on Hobbygiri?

Selling is easy on Hobbygiri. Just login to website. Add new products by uploading pictures and description of the product.Interested buyers will buy your products via the website.

Can I sell used / second hand products?

Yes. Just indicate it’s a used product when you upload.

What products are banned for selling on Hobbygiri?

Here’s the  [Banned list]

I don’t have a TIN number. Can I still sell on Hobbygiri?

To sell, you don’t need any documentation! Not even a TIN number!

What do I need to sell on Hobbygiri?

You need to have a computer or a Phone with internet access and a product to sell! That’s it.

Can Buyer’s contact me?

Yes, buyers can contact you by filling up the “Make a Product Enquiry” form.

What will be the terms and conditions for selling and buying on Hobbygiri?

No strings attached on selling on Hobbygiri! However, please check the [list] of products that are barred from listing on Hobbygiri!

Who will issue the invoice?

Seller & Buyer may choose to get invoiced depending on their interaction. Hobbygiri platform will not issue any invoice because Hobbygiri is just a mobile marketplace that connects buyers & sellers.

Who will guarantee the goods?

Seller may offer guarantee or other service support depending on the good or transaction. Buyer could choose to buy if he’s satisfied.

Payment & Shipment

How will goods be packed?

Seller will pack goods himself.

How will goods be shipped / delivered?

Seller may deliver, or buyer may pick up goods, or any other arrangement, as may be agreed between buyer & seller.

How will payment happen?

Buyer & seller could consider various payment options. Credit card, net banking, debit cards .

How can I pick or send goods that are far away?

You could send or receive goods by courier services chosen by you.

How Does Hobbygiri make payments to Seller?

Hobbygiri will make regular payments via online transfer to seller after deducting the commission amount

Using Hobbygiri

How do I manage products that I listed?

You can edit any information related to your products, anytime on Shopo mobile app! It’s simple and easy to use!

How can I upload products on Hobbygiri?

You can use the Hobbygiri website to register and upload your products.

Will my products be sold on other e-commerce portals?

The process of selling on Hobbygiri is independent of the process on other portals. Hobbygiri will help you connect with buyers on the Hobbygiri network itself.

Do I need a bank account to purchase/sell products listed on Hobbygiri?

You don’t necessarily need a bank account to buy/sell on Hobbygiri.